So two days ago I found the new MGMT video, and everytime when I see Andrew Vanwyngarden in action I just want to get married with him. Rainbow rainbow ranbow magic is what it is about the 04:08 minutes video, I dont know is just cool and creative as the band is, so is fun to watch it, I mean THEY ARE fun to watch.

So? did you joy it? I did. Anyways for me the box labyrinth scene with Andrew caught in it looks too much as the "u-2" iamamiwhoami's video, if you don't know what I am talking about look here, but obviously I still enyoied the video, tell me if is not fun of see Andrew as a girl and heels?, well IT IS.

If you are interested to see how this was made, here is the making of  "I'ts working'', enjoy it.

Light confuses, the tiny isles of bruises.

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