Directed by Hermony Korine, one of the most criticized person in the movie industry, ''Act da fool'' is presented as the Fall Proenza Schouler 2010 Campaign, but for me, this is definitely not just another Ad Campaign, as you can see, this have a really cool aesthetic point, is a different direction for what the actual big brands presents in their campaigns, is  one of the remarcable works of Korine. Why? well, this obviously have a religious & social background, like he said in the interview for the brand this is like his version of the ten Commandments, maybe for me, it is not as close as the ten Commandments in the whole general catholic view for the society, but I think is really close of what the youth & lets say the unhappy & torment youth feels, including me.

And maybe if you like this video, you'd feel the same way I do, you know, for a teenager, life sometimes just don't have a clear point, everything is so ''fucked up'' sometimes, like the voice in the video says, and you lost the direction in your way. But teenagers are not dumb, we're not stupid at all, the ''grown up'' people use to think that we don't think, that we don't have the mature mind that they have for analize how this world is. I tend to overanalize everything but I'm way too bad to say it or explain it, so I'm trying to doing my best & this gonna make you think either way. So anyways, this video is the living representation of that group of young people who feels how the world, our lifes are somehow, someday against us, but despite all this, we still see the beuty & hope in life that ''grown up'' don't see & some of them just can't see because they don't want to. How can we find that beuty.

Q- What about Proenza Schouler's fall colection inspired "act da fool"?

A- The patterns and paint drips in their clothes spoke to me. It said "Go fuck up the world,burn shit, blow it up, eat mud, snort glue, drink a lot of mald liquor and eat some fried chiken,watch some streppers throw down the booty and find God".

Find God, how can we find God? you have to search him, to speak loud to him, but he will never speak loud to you as an answer. Everyone have his own God & that ( because I don't think is a person, is just a ''that'') is what makes you feel better in all this bad things against you to make your life in a good way. You have to hear you, listen to what you think, say & belive for accomplish all you want to do. Why you act like a fool? That's the point in all this.

Proenza Shcouler

-I like the way paper bags look.
I like when a ballon gets all fucked up & pops & everyone gets scared.
I used to called my dad Saint Nick cause he’s fat as hell & he always walking arround with a red hat on.
I belive that earth is a big ball of shit. That's why the dinosaur died out. And everyone gonna die soon or later. That’s why I love cigarettes so much. I hope I don’t die for a long time though I still got things I wanna look at.
This town stinks, most people here don’t even have names. everyone just passing though. Fuck this town!.

Sometimes I can spin up to an hour, staring an a bird on a tree. I wish I was that bird & I could just fly away. I like the way animals hang out in the trains & parking lots.

My friends & I are a gang of fools. We can act like we’re animals, we can do some messed up shit. We act like little babes sometimes. Is us against the world. One day we got so drunk, I thought I heard God speaking to me saying ‘’if you don’t stop, then I’m gonna kick your stupid ass up & down this sidewalk’’. ‘’ How can God gotta be so bad violent’’ I thought. I ain’t gonna church no more, church can suck it.

I think the stars hold the secrets, the stars being shining at night, bright as hell. They say ‘’look at me, look up here, I’m up here’’ they call out ‘’We love you girls, we really love you, we will never leave you, just be good to one and other, you can make it out this dead end town. Fuck everyone else, the world want us to be happy. And I trust the stars, the stars ain’t ever lie yet. Every night they say the same thing. The stars ain’t never gonna leave us.-

Hermony Korine


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