Well, here it is, these are three of the drawings that I made, actually this year I've made a lot of them for my drawing class. I will show some of them later. I like to put a message or something for think about in my drawings but this are not too directed to that thought, because was for a class and was more for show to the teacher my ''habilities'' anywaaaays for me are a small representation of freedom deprivation, the women contrariness and the last is a drawing based on a photo of my friend Samir Ayadi. Someday he told me "your art is love" and since then I knew how far my tings can goes, he lives in Paris, and I really apreciate when someone likes my work, EVEN MORE if is like 915313530356 Km away from my home, he's some of that art souls that I love to find.


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Ruscherly said...

wow! your drawings are so so lovely!