So I was watching the whole VNFOLD Issue, that actually I will post later with some of the fashion articules that I enjoied the most. This time the cover and the theme of the ISSUE III was the ''Close to Nature'' photoshot, my definitely favorite. This was in charge of the awesome Julia Soler, who has one of the most awesome independent portafolios I've even seen. This makes me so freaking anxious and killing myself about buying my camera, UGH, I need money.

Estaba viendo el numero de VNFOLD, que por cierto posteare luego con los artículos de moda que mas me gustaron. Esta vez la portada de el tercer numero de vnfold fue la sesión ''Colse to Nature'', mi favorita. Esta estuvó a cargo de Julia Soler, quien tiene uno de los portafolios mas geniales que haya visto. Esto solo me pone mas ansioso y tener ganas de matarme por comprarme mi camara.

And the other and maybe the most important reason why I loved this photoshot was the fact of those total DROP-SLIME/AMAZING/PLATAFORM shoes. And yes I deeply want them, but if I ware it in the place I live, I'm pretty sure everyone would throw me stones, I would look like a freak, but who cares. I have my creepers offsetting this, that even those make them watch me like if I were walking in high heels haha.

Just look at them, ugh amazing. I would like to break a ankle in this, maybe my obssesion comes from my really big Club Kids Obssesion. They toke this fancy 80's Rock n Roll plataform boots and toke them to another whole level.

I love the fact that they were so over the top & cool.

And if you want to visit the Julia Soler portaforlio you can do it here, I recommend it to you, she is one of my favorite photographers.

Photography: Julia Soler
For: VNFOLD Magazine ISSUE III 2001- Close to Nature.
Model: Alexandra Papadopoulos

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Jen said...

I love these photos but I could never wear those shoes. They are way too chunky, almost action figure-like.